Abundance of Desire
Irvin Bell, Founder/Executive Director |
Sarah Bell, Board Director |
Julie Whiteman, Office Administrator | | 504.296.2479
Our vision is for a community with abundant opportunities for neighbors who desire to be physically healthy, mentally wealthy, and spiritually wise.

Camelback Ventures
Jon Losey, Director of Strategy & Insights | | 702.885.2131
Our mission is to create a more dynamic social innovation ecosystem that leverages the genius of all participants. To do this, we identify local leaders with promising ideas, and empower them to enact change within their communities.

CASA Jefferson, Inc.
Rosana Gonzalez, Executive Director |
Margaret Ether, Recruiter |
Ramona Graham, Advocate Coordinator | | 504.533.8757
Court Appointed Special Advocates of Jefferson Parish advocates for the abused
and or neglected children involved in the Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court System. Our program’s mission is to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect
through volunteers advocating for safe, nurturing, and permanent homes
for foster children in our community.

Central City Community OutReach
Pastor Darren Walker, President |
Antoinette Joiner, Administrator | | 504.377.5126
Central City Community OutReach, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, established to address education, economic, food/meal deficiencies; and recidivism.

Developing School Solutions
Pam Stewart, Founder |
Developing School Solutions (DSS) assists educational organizations in building capacity in non-profit organization, operation, and grants writing.

Jillian Sandoval, Volunteer & Program Manager |
Kali Rapp-Roy, Executive Director | | 504.517.3580 annually recruits, trains, and manages 500 evacuation volunteers (Evacuteers) who assist with New Orleans’ public evacuation option called City Assisted Evacuation (CAE). We serve to prepare and register evacuees, ensuring their ability to evacuate safely and with dignity.

Fair Maiden Services
Corrine Herbert, Founder and Executive Director | | 504 390-8054
Our mission is to spread the love of Christ by delivering timely, trustworthy, and responsible assistance. Fair Maiden Services specializes in social services for middle aged individuals and seniors with vision impairments, community engagement and youth enrichment programs. Reconstructing lives with the love of Christ one day at a time.

Families Helping Families of Jefferson
Mary Jacob, Executive Director |
Laura Nata, Programs Coordinator | | 504.888.9111
Families Helping Families of Jefferson is a resource center staffed with trained, knowledgeable parents of children with disabilities. We give parents of children with disabilities knowledge, support & confidence. We answer questions and provide assistance for any disability, any age. We teach parents to advocate. We help parents navigate support systems and overcome the challenges in these settings.

Health and Education Alliance of Louisiana
Connie Bellone, CEO | | 504.650.1901
Our mission is simple – Good Health, Better Education, Great Kids! Children can only succeed when their basic needs are met.
Our vision - Every school, every child in Louisiana receives access to coordinated health and education to ensure student success.

Homer A. Plessy
Meghan Raychaudhuri, Acting Head of School | | 504.503.0055
Homer A. Plessy Community School is an Arts Integrated, Project Based school.

Millie Harris, Executive Director |
David Magee, Board of Governance, Chair | | 504.296.0987
JCFA is a charter high school organization serving at-risk students who are over-aged and under-credited.

Kingsley House, Inc.
Shavonne Hampton, Director |
Kim Wesson, Parent Educator Manager |
Jeanette Delgado, Business Operations Specialist | | 504.523.6221
Kingsley House, a United Way Community Impact Partner, nationally renowned as the oldest Settlement House in the South, has served more than half a million people since it was founded in 1896. Today, nearly, 7,000 infants, children, youth, parents and disabled and elderly from throughout Southeast Louisiana participate annually in a comprehensive array of nationally accredited and state certified programs.

Louisiana Appleseed
Christy Kane, Executive Director | | 504.561.7312
Louisiana Appleseed recruits professionals to donate pro bono time to solve problems at the root cause. Our goal is to advance social justice by effecting change at the policy, or systemic level. Our projects seek to increase access to education, opportunity and justice.
Louisiana Hospitality Foundation

Louisiana Hospitality Foundation
Jennifer Kelley, Executive Director | | 504.913.5980
We exist to strengthen Louisiana's hospitality industry through support of individuals within the community through advocacy, intervention, empowerment, and transformation.
New Orleans EMS Foundation

New Orleans EMS Foundation
Amy Waldrup, Secretary | | 504.710.4022
We are dedicated to supporting the frontline EMTs who provide emergency care to the citizens and visitors of New Orleans.

New Orleans Family Justice Center
Eva Lessinger, Director of Program Development | | 504.355.0852
Service center providing services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, human trafficking and child abuse.

New Orleans Mission, Inc.
David Bottner, Executive Director |
Earl Scioneaux, Divine Staffing Coordinator | | 504.723.3325
The New Orleans Mission provides food, shelter, clothing and spiritual guidance to the cities homeless, hurting and hungry.

Charlie Barnes, Founder & Project Manager |
Élan Jones, Director of Operations | | 504.272.7440
NOLA_CODE exists to offer direct instruction and to assist in the development and expansion of efforts to provide direct instruction in computer science and computer engineering to
One Heart

One Heart Nola
Teri Hrabovsky, Director |
Caitrin Alb, Board Member | 504.957.9224
One Heart Nola serves to meet the needs of children and families that are in the foster care system.

Operation HOPE
Oliver Bell, President, South-Central Region and Director, HCA | | 504.458.2844
Operation HOPE is a financial literacy and economic inclusion non-profit organization, including a disaster response division.

Operation Spark
John Fraboni, CEO |
Max Gaudin, COO | | 504.616.9687
Operation Spark is a non-profit code school on a mission to help people get great jobs in technology.

Project 18
Sonya Brown, Executive Director |
Bonnie DeSalle, Director of Operations | | 504.214.9065
Our mission is to ensure that current and former foster care youth successfully transition into adulthood by providing a safety net of services, resources and supportive individuals that will foster the forever L.O.V.E. (Life Skills, Opportunities, Voice and Empowerment) each youth deserves.” Our Philosophy: Project 18 believes in meeting youth “where they are” and ensuring their immediate safety, stability, physical and mental health while also advocating for them on state and national levels. Our Vision is to create an organization collaboratively with current and former foster youth where they will ultimately take on leadership roles through board involvement, fulfill staff positions, create an informal network with each other and with volunteers while also being of service to the community.

Puentes New Orleans
Scarlet Garcia, Housing Programs Director |
Lisa Reyes, Small Business Development Specialist | | 504.821.7228
Puentes New Orleans is a non profit organization created to provide Latino families an opportunity to grow roots in our community and to provide them the tools they need to acquire financial education through home ownership classes, small business education and college guidance through our stem program. We also promote civic engagement and advocate for a better future for the families we serve.
School Leadership Center

School Leadership Center
Brian Riedlinger, CEO | | 504.267.7239
SLC works with ALL schools especially the school’s leadership to improve and enhance the academic achievement of its students.

Son Of A Saint
Lauren Darnell, Director of Partnerships and Special Projects | | 504.982.4778
Son of a Saint exists to enhance the lives of fatherless boys through mentorship, emotional support, development of life skills, exposure to constructive experiences and formation of positive, lasting peer-to- peer relationships.

St. Roch CDC
Ben McLeish, Founder, Chief Instigator |
Benjamin Shenk, Community Development Fellow | | 504.564.7739
St. Roch CDC equips people with training and resources to improve their lives and the community. We also connect people with a broader network who will help champion their efforts by restoring dignity, families and our community. Our initiatives include affordable housing, job training, financial literacy and small business development.

The Restoration Initiative For Culture and Community
Tyler Cottrell, Creative Director |
Michael Hitch, Executive Director | | 504.312.3438
The Restoration Initiative for Culture and Community (RICC), is a New Orleans based 501c3 non-profit organization. We envision restored families initiating peace and unity in their culture and community. We carry out this vision by creating environments and solutions that build reconciled relationships, instill character, and expand possibilities.

Trinity Christian Community
Jarvain Bingmon, Executive Director |
Sandy Brown, Volunteer Coordinator | | 504.482.7822
Trinity Christian Community is committed to empowering youth through spiritual and leadership development, educational support, and community outreach in the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans. It is our desire to walk with students from kindergarten through college and beyond.

Urban Impact
John Gerhardt, Executive Director | | 504.583.7894
Urban Impact Ministries exists to create a neighborhood in Central City New Orleans where kids can ride their bikes to schools of excellence, a safe place to gather, a church that cares and house their family owns.

Robert Armbruster, Founder | | 504.232.6506
Veteran based Non Profit that provides services to transitioning veterans and their families. VetLaunch offers Entrepreneur training, job placement assistance and training, and workforce development programs. Our programs are open to the veteran and/or their spouses.

YMCA Educational Services
Shannan Cvitanovic, Director, YMCA Educational Services | | 504.596.3842
YMCA Educational Services (YES!) gives adults the reading, math, and computer skills they need to succeed at work, to be their children's first teachers, and to be active, engaged citizens.

Youth Empowerment Project
Melissa Sawyer, Executive Director/Co-Founder |
Stephanie Hotard, Director of Development | | 504.522.1316
YEP engages underserved young people through community-based education, mentoring and employment readiness programs to help them develop skills and strengthen ties to family and community.